For ten years, JJ Designs Jewelry has been manufacturing and designing exciting, innovative jewelry. As innovators we create cutting edge designs, that are trend setting as well as uniquely timeless. JJ Designs Jewelry is always glamorous and equally captivating. These celebrated designs are worn and displayed all over the world. Celebrities and newscasters are frequently spotted on TV wearing JJ Designs Jewelry.

No matter what the fashion statement, there is always room for a Custom JJ Design piece of jewelry. From the red carpet, to the beach, JJ Designs Jewelry is always a welcome addition to any neckline. Specializing in custom, affordable, eye catching jewelry.

"My mother gave me inspiration. She made her own jewelry and told me that with my scholastic art background and art degree that I too, would be a natural for color combining and design. She was right! As a jewelry designer, I use healing, semiprecious stones. Most stones have healing properties, so I am a doctor of sorts. With their given properties, I can mend a broken heart, or amplify an existing situation. All I need to know is your ailment and hopefully I can create a remedy. Each semiprecious stone has their own individual quality. For example, amethyst is known to reduce stress. These healing properties are an inspiration in my designs and work. I take pride in my designs and am pleased to share them with all of my customers."

With our custom designs and selections, JJ Designs represents both quality and forward fashion, which makes this merchandise so wearable

JJ Designs Jewelry....beauty for your eyes and soul....

JJ Designs Jewelry


Jodi Jackson

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