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Rock Turquiose Rose Quartz Tear Drop Necklace.

cat.# N-26A

cat.# N-26B

Aqua Marine:
cat.# N-26C

Hand Carned Mother Of Pearl White Flower Pendant Necklace.

Oval Moonstone Helmet Pendant Necklace.

Rock Turquiose with Rose Quartz, Pearls with A Faceted Rose Quartz Tear drop.
Also Comes in:
Aqua Marine

price: $35.00

Hand Carved Leaf Mother Of Pearl with a Mother of Pearl Flower.
cat.# N-28
price: $45.00

Moonstone Beads with Oval Moonstone Helmet Pendant Necklace.
cat.# N-29
price: $85.00

Hand Carned Green Wood Flower Pendant Necklace.

Mother of Pearl with Carnelian Pendant Necklace.

Citrine Abalone Mosiac Pendant Necklace.

Double Chiffon Silk with New Jade Beads with Bohemian Crystal and Pearls with A Hand Carved Green Wood Flower Pendant Necklace.
cat.# N-32
price: $45.00

Agates with Carnelian Beads with a Mother of Pearl Flower Pendant Necklace.
cat.# N-33
price: $45.00

Citrine Rock Stones With Agates and Abalone Mosiac Pendant Necklace.
cat.# N-27
price: $45.00

Disk Hanging Necklace.
Labordorite Small Cabachon Beads with 5 hanging Labordorite. Beads.

Also available in Amythest & New Jade:
cat.# N-08A
price: $45.00

Also available in Black Agate:
cat.# N-08B
price: $45.00
Also available in Citrine:
cat.# N-08C
price: $45.00

Necklaces 1Necklaces 2Necklaces 3